Jermine D. Alberty

Recover of Self & Community-Models for a Healthier Way of Life

A Talk by Rev. Jermine D. Alberty (Executive Director, Pathways to Promise)

About this Talk

As Faith leaders, life has been challenging during the pandemic, dealing with health challenges, economic insecurity, family tension, and isolation and facing the question When will we be okay again?” It is essential to embrace that it will be okay, and that recovery is possible.

There are more excellent ways forward, and Rev. Alberty will guide us through some of those pathways by utilizing three models to develop a recovery plan that can serve as a guide for yourself. We will also introduce the Companionship principles and practices to help guide your community on their journey and healing.

About The Speakers

Jermine D. Alberty

Rev. Jermine D. Alberty

Executive Director, Pathways to Promise