Corey Gilbert

A Biblical Sexual Ethic & Why it Matters

A Talk by Dr. Corey Gilbert (Founder, Speaker, Professor, Coach, Counselor, & Teacher, The HealingLives Center)

About this Talk

Either I go there, or someone else WILL. We must know how to be intentional about teaching and leading our children into an understanding of a Biblical worldview of gender and sexuality - as God designed. And we must do so before others get to this topics… and I promise others will - from their worldview and ethic and set of morals. This is crucial - that we “Go Beyond ’The Talk!’” 

Join Dr. Gilbert as he lays a foundation from God’s word for us to begin this process - of planting seeds in our children’s hearts from God’s Word and His design. It starts with us parents and church leaders. Do I even know what God’s Word says? After we start there, we can then teach and lead more intentionally.

Dr. Gilbert is the Founder & CEO of the HealingLives Center & create of the Trauma to Transformed Program, Going Beyond The Talk Program for Preteens, Teens and Parents, and the Healing Marriage Intensive and Community. 
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Corey Gilbert

Dr. Corey Gilbert

Founder, Speaker, Professor, Coach, Counselor, & Teacher, The HealingLives Center

Christian Sex Therapist, Author, Trauma Expert, and Founder of The Healing Marriage Community and Intensive.