Dr. Corey Gilbert

Founder, Speaker, Professor, Coach, Counselor, & Teacher, The HealingLives Center Christian Sex Therapist, Author, Trauma Expert, and Founder of The Healing Marriage Community and Intensive.

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Dr. Corey Gilbert is a missionary kid from Chile, a husband of one bride, father of 3 kiddos, author of 2 books, speaker, counselor, coach, Founder of The HealingLives Center, and passionate about leading others into micro-conversations with their kids on a biblical foundation of gender and sexuality, healthy dating, and God's design for marriage.

He has been a counselor for over 22 years and a University Professor for over 17 years. Dr. Gilbert's expertise is in sexuality and trauma, the local church, marriage and marriage prep, and education and transformation beyond trauma.

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A Biblical Sexual Ethic & Why it Matters

Corey Gilbert