Brenda Cochran

Building A Resilient Church: A Radical Renovation of Care in the Church

A Talk by Brenda Cochran LCSW (Director of Counseling & Trauma Informed Care, Pure Heart Church)

About this Talk

In this presentation, you will be challenged to think outside the traditional systems of care seen throughout many churches in the country. You will be encouraged and inspired to try new ways to reach specific populations in your community. You will know that someone else has already broken new ground and that innovative approaches to care can and do work.

Brenda Cochran, LCSW was hired to provide oversight of the recovery ministry at Pure Heart Church in Glendale Arizona. Seventeen years later, Pure Heart Church is seen as a rare find in its non-traditional approach to caring. They have taken risks, received criticism, and experienced setbacks but emerged as one of the nation’s leaders in providing trauma-informed and competent care that ministers to the whole person – Spirit, Soul & Body.

About The Speakers

Brenda Cochran

Brenda Cochran LCSW

Director of Counseling & Trauma Informed Care, Pure Heart Church