Mark L Waltz

Founder / Consultant / Coach, Mark Waltz & Partners

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I’m a people advocate. This shows up in my individual coaching, leadership consulting, wellness facilitation and guest services training. My previous work in executive leadership, pastoral “connections,” retail management and employment development has always been about two things: calling the best out of people and creating safe spaces for authentic connection and next steps.

I’ve been married to Laura, my high school sweetheart, for 40 years. We’ve always been Hoosiers with the exception of a few years in IL and six years in the PNW. Laura and our daughter, Liv, along with our dear friends, literally saved my life as I endured an emotional deep dive into the debilitating impact of personal childhood trauma. I wouldn’t be here without my best friend, Laura.

We’ve lived in South Bend now for 25 years; it is home. Our daughter, Liv, her husband, Jacob and their 8-month-old son, Arlo live just 15 minutes away. They make our lives so rich. We enjoy our neighbors, cherish our family at South Bend Community Church, and we love our city.

I’m deeply gratified when I get to sit with an individual client for a full day or two, helping them trace their journey, identify their uniqueness and strategically lay-out their next steps - personally, relationally and professionally.

I love collaborating with businesses and churches, developing new leadership, establishing and aligning values and helping them move forward with clarity.

It’s a joy to provide guest services coaching and training for churches, helping staff and volunteers create safe spaces where people are invited to belong.

In this season, I’m primarily focused on the well-being of leaders, especially pastors, priests, and other church/parish staff. Out of my own journey, there’s a sense of responsibility to help them navigate the risks of burnout, the impact of trauma, the feeling of loneliness, and the reality of exhaustion. I want to help them flourish … or take a step away if that is their path to health and wholeness.

I’m grateful that I get to interact, learn, and share the ups, the downs, the challenges and the joys of life with people like you!

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Mark L Waltz