Jeremy & Anastasia Thomas

Founders/ Directors/ Practitioners, Daybreak Academy

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A Mauritian-Ukrainian couple (married since 2017) who are passionate about caring for Christians, especially people in ministry and missions. They both had a cross-cultural mission experience within Operation Mobilization. They are now serving full-time within Daybreak Academy. For sustainability, Jeremy works as a college head of department of Art & Design and Anastasia works as a psychosocial practitioner. They are involved in Member caring and linking ministry in their local church in Mauritius (Indian Ocean). Jeremy & Anastasia are certified in counselling and as facilitators of Inner healing & Ethnic reconciliation. They are active members within the Africa Member Care Network (thus GMCN too).

Jeremy is the founder and president of Daybreak academy since 2011 (a Christian tool which serves for the Love & Unity within the global body of Christ) and Anastasia is full-time coordinating this organization. Through Daybreak, they are providing and developing Member Caring & Linking ministry within Christian communities and are facilitating networks/ partnerships among Christians, churches and Christian organizations.

They both enjoy travelling, nature, all types of arts and have a passion for the global body of Christ.

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Member Caring & Linking - Roles & Cycle

Jeremy & Anastasia Thomas